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Fat grrl chubby advertising realized he did not have an official residence permit. But he reasoned that during his stay he had received permission from the family of Adam Fat grrl chubby advertising.

“I ‘ve allowable stay, even myself directly ask her permission to pack Adam Malik to occupy this land,”he said.

In line with the opinion Suhandi, Supriyanto ( 30 ) also contracting in Kampung Pedongkelan. He said he did not get a flat.

“Boro – boro given money or towers, they were given only the ID card has the same KK Jakarta. Weve I admit I only have ID wrote, but also do not gini,”he said.

Supriyanto themselves taking orders from attorneys of Adam Malik not to move into the flat and stay afloat.

“The decision of the attorney Adam Malik told last letters say it was fake,”said Supriyanto.

As with Supriyanto and Suhardi who opted to stay with the family of Adam Malik assumption will fight for their rights . Paini and Ridwan Residents RT 2/15 claimed a loss to entrust to anyone.