How Long Will an Epoxy Floor Last Me?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to have to worry about doing work on your floors every few years. You would probably like a “set it down and forget it” approach, using a flooring solution that will last for years to come.

Do any such options exist? Wood flooring is great, but needs treated or even replaced after a few years. Carpeting can become torn and messy, as well as collect dirt and germs. What other options are there? If you want a solution that is made to last, then you might consider getting in touch with your local delaware epoxy flooring specialist to see options you might not have thought about yet.

Epoxy and its Longevity

Epoxy flooring is very well known for being durable, ridiculously easy to keep clean, having a wide array of design choices and colors available, and so much more. There is a reason it is one of the most widely used and trusted types of flooring in commercial and industrial settings, after all.

Epoxy flooring is made in such a way that is able to become one with your floor by adhering directly to the surface. With proper maintenance and the occasional touch-up (only if needed), you could expect your epoxy flooring to last you anywhere from 10-20 years. It is not uncommon for them to last even longer when cared for properly.

delaware epoxy flooring

To clean your epoxy floor, try not to use anything too rough (like brushes) as this could harm the surface and damage the sealant. Instead, carefully sweep and vacuum your epoxy flooring as needed to keep it nice, smooth, and well cared for.

Do this the right way, and your new epoxy flooring could last for a decade or even more. What other type of flooring can you think of that lasts anywhere near that long?